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The Gilmore Creek Geophysical Observatory's 26-m VLBI antenna, near Fairbanks, Alaska, is operated by NASA's Space Geodesy Program.

Did you know our H.F. High Performance Communications receivers are not limited to use on the H.F. bands! Try using them as I.F. receivers coupled with high performance GaAsFET transverters such as those manufactured by Down East Microwave. If you've been using your typical Japanese rig for weak signal operations, you're in for a big surprise.

Just In! We have just received a large consignment of low loss coaxes. These include Andrews LDF5-50A, 7/8" foam dielectric hardline, Andrews LDF4-50A, 1/2" foam dielectric hardline, and Times Microwave LMR-600 50 ohm low loss flexible coax. Of course, these are all discounted 30 - 70% off street prices!!!

By the way: It's fun to play Sudoku Puzzles


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